Naonrai 2012 – St Patrick’s flock of lambs

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We were given an open brief for this prwork, the main focus that the outfits were  age appropriate for the pre – school we were working with. I worked with a fellow artist, Merovee Guerin for the duration of the project.  In looking through images of St Patrick we came across an illustration of Patrick working as a shepherd amongst his flock of sheep, before he found his true calling. The simple idea of a flock of sheep was ideal for the pre-school age group for whom we were designing for and included a little bit of history about the national saint. Merovee and I  came together with different ideas for the costumes from which we combined different elements to create consistent base structure of a simple poncho onto which a variety of ‘fleeces’ could be added.

Many thanks to Kasia Zych for her assistance and help.

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